Smart Start

Smart Start Programme

At Happy Days we recognise that starting school is an exciting time but it can also prove a daunting time too.

The good news is that with some preparation and encouragement, you can help your child to settle into school more easily. That is where our exclusive Smart Start School Readiness Programme comes in.

Our Programme has been created in partnership with school Reception teachers and is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.

Our Smart Start Programme is for children when they reach three years of age. The activities have been designed to be fun and build upon children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.

We also send out regular email updates and ‘top tips’ to all of our families who are registered on the programme as we believe that by working together with parents, we can help make the move to school a positive and exciting experience!

Two young boys playing


We are also delighted with the introduction of a Smart Start uniform for all our Adventurers children who are three to four years old. We have decided to implement this as we have had a great deal of interest from local families wanting to know if their child would have a uniform as part of the programme. The uniform polo shirts and sweatshirts are proving very popular with everyone – the children love wearing them and it makes life easier for parents too!

Here are just some of the advantages to wearing a uniform:

  • They promote safety: The children are easily identifiable as being a Happy Days pre-school child.
  • They boost team spirit: A uniform can instil a sense of teamwork and ‘belonging’ – this is especially important to young children as they are predominantly visual learners and make decisions very quickly based on what they see. When they see everyone wearing the same as them they identify that they are part of that team. This can support their confidence and attitude to learning.
  • They reduce distractions: Research has shown that when young children wear a uniform they are more focused on their daily learning activities and less likely to be distracted.
  • They make financial sense: They are cost-efficient for families as parents/carers do not have to spend so much money on more clothes.
  • They make mornings easier: Uniforms eliminate the ‘What shall I wear to nursery today?’ dilemma. Through simplicity, uniforms promote time efficiency, organisation, and neatness.
  • They prepare our children for when they start ‘big’ school: One of the biggest transitions for children when they start school is having to wear a uniform. Here at Happy Days we hope that by introducing the Smart Start uniform it will mean that it is not such a big step to make when they head off to school.
  • They support the Smart Start approach: The programme is all about getting your child ready for school and we feel that introducing a uniform is an important part of this process.

Please feel free to visit your local Happy Days nursery and pre-school if you want to find out more details about our exclusive Smart Start School Readiness Programme.

We hope that you are all as excited as we are about our new Smart Start uniform – please feel free to speak to your Nursery Manager or child’s Keyperson if you do have any further queries.