All our nurseries are neutral in decoration which provides a calm environment for your child and enables them to focus on the all-important play, rather than being distracted by bright colours and dangling objects.

All our furniture and equipment is at low level to encourage independence.  Every piece of furniture has been carefully researched and selected to ensure it supports your child's development at every stage - from ergonomically designed chairs that encourage good posture to furniture/stuctures that provide a quiet place for your child to go if they need a little "down time". 

Many of our nurseries have been refurbished outside to include mud kitchens, potting tables, shelters, climbing frames and wooden furniture to sit on and enjoy a book!

Inside our Nurseries

Adventurers and Explorer Rooms - all ready for the day ahead!


This is where your child begins their journey. Research shows that very young children benefit from sharing their environment with the whole of the 0-2 age group. Here they will enjoy a safe, warm space in which they can develop and play surrounded by caring experienced staff who are attentive and fully focused on your child's individual needs and routines.


At around 2 years of age your child will develop a love of creativity and social interaction.  The Discoverers environment is designed with well-defined activity and play areas to encourage these exploratory experiences.


Now is the time to get ready to move up and prepare for school years. The Adventurers room compliments your child’s imagination and provides a motivation to learn through our unique open-ended play opportunities.