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Choosing a nursery

What to look for when choosing a nursery/pre-school

An overwhelming number of nurseries and pre-schools now provide good or outstanding care as judged by Ofsted. You have to choose the one that best suits your child’s needs and fits in with your family circumstances. It is important to make this decision having viewed several nurseries.

If it is your first experience of young children’s day care, then the first ever visit can be overwhelming. Hopefully by focusing on the following factors, you might find these first visits more informative and helpful in your decision-making.


Last, but by no means least – the children. The quality of the care delivered by a nursery is conveyed primarily by the children it cares for. The best nursery is where all children, whatever their ages and abilities, show that they are happy, engaged, relaxed and confident in the way they use the equipment, the nursery space and in the way they relate to the staff and each other.