Where Children Shine

You know I’m a Happy Days child because I am...


I can make my own choices. I can think for myself. I have my own unique strengths and learn at my own pace. I feel happy and valued for being me.


There are no right or wrong ways to learn. They’re all good! I can explore without fear of getting it wrong, which helps my confidence grow.

A high achiever

There’s no limit to what I can achieve. I’m encouraged in every choice I make and there are no winners or losers – I’m just celebrated for who I am.


I’m free to play indoors and outdoors with loads of great materials and activities! All of this challenges me and makes me fit and healthy.


I ask a lot of questions! What does that do? How does this work? What happens when? Every question helps me understand more and gives me greater confidence.


I have lots of friends of different ages. They are all important to me and I learn how to share and how to care.


Play is hard work you know! Every time I find a different way to use a brick, a tube or some sand my brain gets really busy and makes new connections. All of this makes me who I am – it is helping me to become super intelligent.

A strong communicator

I know what I want to say and how to say it! I talk all the time to others – children and adults. I also listen to others and they listen to me – that is how we all get along.

About us

We opened our first nursery in 1991 and now operate 17 nurseries throughout the South West and as such, are the largest provider of nursery care in the region.

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To provide high quality childcare, early years education and play experiences, which meet the individual needs of all children.

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We are actively looking to expand our business throughout the South and South West of England and are keen to find buildings and sites in order to open high quality nursery settings.

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